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Luscious Gem Scented Soy Candle

Luscious Gem Scented Soy Candle

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Indulge your senses with our Luscious Gem food scented candle, fresh rhubarb, sumptuous dark plum, heady and rich ripened pear and peach transform to the elegant sophistication of pure vanilla and sugar. Each exquisite fragrance was chosen to reflect nature’s finest fruits in full bloom. Rich and extravagant, the light and floral head notes of pear and peach give way to the rounder amber tones of vanilla and sugar. Finally, the acidity of rhubarb adds a sweet sharpness to perfectly balance this luxurious cocktail of scents. This gourmet homemade candle is a celebration for all your senses - the pleasure of a scented soy candle, that is sure to tempt your taste buds and bring out the romantic side in any room. Enjoy this luxury candle anytime of the year, the combination of dark fruit and vanilla is truly unique and wonderful. 

Top Notes: English Rhubarb, Dark Plum
Heart Notes: Pear, Peach
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar

  • Wax: 100% Natural Soy Wax free of parabens, sulphites, phthalates, preservatives
  • Wick: Pure Cotton and Paper
  • Size: 85 mm (H) x 60 mm (W)
  • Volume (ML): 180ml
  • Burn Time: 35+ hours

Luscious Gem, Housewarming New Home Foodie Cooking Kitchen Gift, Rhubarb Plum Pear Peach Vanilla Food Scented Homemade Luxury Soy Candle is a blend of fresh fruits and blossoms, fruity notes will invigorate, the soothing tones of vanilla and sugar

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Dunn
The most amazing scent ❤️

This scent is so beautiful. Rhubarb is my favourite mouthwatering scent and this does not disappoint, its so dreamy and summery that I just want to eat it. This is one I want all around the house. Its beautifully packaged and looks very luxurious 😍

Where's the custard

Fabulous candle with a very strong mouth-watering scent. All I'm missing is my custard. Review Medals

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