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Our Candles

sussex special luxury soy wax handcrafted candles exclusive small batches limited edition collections

Luxury natural home fragrance, from our house to yours

We are here to bring luxury natural candles, inspired by nature, into the warmth of your home.

When you light our candles, you create energy, comfort and security. You are at home, at peace, away from the noisy bustle of the world beyond.

But home is also a place to daydream and to be entirely yourself. A place to become lost in thoughts of wild walks and playful days.

Our candles are inspired directly by the natural world and its four ancient elements: earth, water, air and fire. Our scents are unique blends of spices, woods, flora and fauna.

They are divided into three distinctive collections.

The Boutique Collection  mirrors emotions and occasions, from sparkling parties to deep desires. These are our signature bestsellers.

The Limited Edition Collection  has experimental, seasonal scents. Snuggle down in winter under a blanket or embrace the warmth and freedom of summer’s long days. Each candle is available for a limited time.

The Little Treasures Collection  includes original scents to evoke places and memories from across the world, from salty beach days to exotic nights.


Sussex Special Luxury Home Fragrance Exclusive Original Collection Complex Blends

Our story

Sussex Special is a family-owned business, the founder Mimi Hallas was a Pastry Chef, working in Brighton’s most favourite hotels. If you have ever spent a weekend in Brighton, there is a good chance you have eaten one of her afternoon teas.

Once Mimi started her own family, she felt the pull of home and all its comforts more deeply than before, the desire to retreat, recharge and reconnect. While Mimi loved seeing families talk, laugh and eat in the hotel dining room, they would only join her for an afternoon. What if she could provide something that would last much longer?

She realised she could, by handcrafting candles that would burn in the hearts of many homes, warming cosy afternoons and joyful nights with their light and scent.

As someone who had always been full of artistry and individuality, she knew she could create scents that would become the unique aroma of home, wherever they were lit.

With that thought, Sussex Special was born, in our home kitchen.

Warmth and welcome: our home fragrance candles

We made 3 commitments when we started Sussex Special Candles:

  • Every scent we create is distinctive and memorable, inspired by nature. Just as we only want scents in our own home that are full of character, so those are the only fragrances that make it into our candles, and into your home.
  • We will only ever use high-quality, natural ingredients, and every candle is hand poured in small batches. Each candle is made from 100% pure natural soy wax, with a cotton-paper wick. Our fragrance oils are free of parabens, sulphites and phthalates without any preservatives, colours or chemical binders, and all our candles are vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

  • We want every customer to be completely happy with our candles. If you are not, you can simply return your candle for a full refund. 

With care, from our house to yours,

sussex special owner signature