Handcrafted Candles

Sussex Special candles are inspired from an array of natural elements that bring you joy, from the warmth and freedom that accompanies long summer days to cosy chilly winter nights snuggled under a blanket

Luxury natural home fragrance, from our house to yours

We are here to take you on a journey, inspired by Sussex nature, childhood memories, delicious food and experiences from travelling around the world, while you are enjoying the warmth of your home. When you light our candles, you create energy, comfort and security, our scents are unique blends of spices, woods, fruits, flora and fauna. You are at home, at peace, away from the noisy bustle of the world beyond. But home is also a place to daydream and to be entirely yourself. A place to become lost in thoughts of wild walks and playful days.

We have divided our candles into distinctive collections.

The Sussex Special Collection 

Our Sussex Special Collection celebrates the view and the sea, the land and the sky - the heart and soul of the Sussex County. Our candles will bring you closer to nature and memories of wild landscapes, cliffs and seascapes.

Smell of freshly mown lawns, wild flowers and picturesque gardens around the English country. Breathe in the uplifting aromas of wild mint, fruits, roses, sea salt, freshly cut grass, and herbs. Whether you are feeling energetic or in a more relaxed mood, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy a moment of the great British outdoors at the comfort of your home.

The Sussex Special Collection features the fragile, ethereal scents of sea air and country gardens.

Brighton Essence - Salty, Chypre Herbal scent
Amberly Garden - Classical Rose & Oud
Seven Sisters - Elegant, fragrant blend of Sea Salt and Florals
River Adur - Timeless English Pear & Freesia
Ashdown Forest - Refreshing and peaceful Wild Mint & White Tea
Hurst Meadows - Dewy green meadows of Freshly Cut Grass and Lily
Arundel Heritage - Luxurious blend of Peppercorn & Vanilla

Experience the spirit of Sussex and enjoy a moment of the great outdoors, while savour in the comfort of your home. The collection's weaves and textures provide a calm environment that helps you relax and enjoy life in tranquillity

Sentimental Whisper

Inspired by a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the afternoon, Sentimental Whisper collection have been uniquely created to scent your home with quintessential British cakes and desserts. Our candles will bring back those precious memories as a fragrant journey through refreshing bakery notes, sprinkled with creamy vanilla, delightful meringue and sweet cinnamon.

Our Sentimental Whisper collection captures the time-honoured, classical recipes, from Ginger Cookies and Bakewell Tarts to Lemon Meringue Pies and Victoria Sponge Cakes with fresh fragrances that will stay for hours.

Bring a piece of home with you, capture the essence of a special moment and let these authentic aromas to open up a new world of relaxation by awakening your imagination and creativity.

The collection features delicious candles in a variety of timeless notes.

Victoria Sponge - Stylish and Traditional
Bakewell Tart - A real British Classic
Vintage Bakery - Fresh from the oven
Ginger Cookie - Warm touch of Nostalgia
Strawberry Jam - Rich and fruity with a touch of lemon
Lemon Meringue - Simply a scrumptious indulgence

Inspired by a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the afternoon, Sentimental Whisper is a traditional British inspired candle collection, reminiscent of home baking. Our candles will bring back those precious memories from childhood as a fragrant journey


Enjoy the warm, unique scents of our beautiful Boutique Collection and create an ambience of wonder. From sparkling parties to magical moments. Make your whole space shimmer with fragranced candles that will fill your home with warmth and comfort. Let our luxury candles inspire you and take you to your favourite places and memories.

Each of our candles is a piece of art, soft and subtle or bold and bright, handcrafted by our artisans with fine oils to fill your home with alluring aromas.

Enchanted Forest - Inspiring wonder and imagination
Lady Sparkle - Delicate and Poetic
Golden Rush - Notes of hot summer
Cosy Comfort - A warm afternoon in the countryside

Enjoy the warm, unique scents of our signature candles, designed to make any room shine, from sparkling parties to magical inspiration


Treat your home to a beautiful candle with the heavenly scents of our Treasures Collection. From fragrances reminiscent of tropical waves on a beach, to warm sensual nights, our candles are a slow-burning treat for your senses. Uncover the unique experience behind each candle and immerse yourself in new adventures across the world.

An exotic blend of vanilla and sandalwood will transport you to the Far East, close your eyes and inhale deeply as you're surrounded by tranquillity and peace, or hop across the sea with the cascading notes of colourful florals, coconut and sea salt.

Inspired by the earth and scents from all over the world, our Treasures collection is carefully crafted for an olfactory experience evoking a certain time and place.

Morning Haze - Early morning at the beach
Dark Nights - A lavish and peppery strong scent
Bulgarian Enigma - Travel to a secret place of magic
Dragon Heart - A fusion of exotic eastern accord

Original scents that evoke experiences and memories from across the world, from salty beach days to exotic nights

Gorgeous and pretty, our Charisma Collection candles will brighten your home and delight your senses. Discover the relaxing fragrance of our charming candles, infused with a blend of fruits and florals and bring comfort and joy to your home.

Charisma Collection is inspired by the Sussex countryside and a love of nature. Our range offers a variety of fragrances, each blended with a unique fusion, to create an original and welcoming aroma. Our chic candles are ideal for gifting in a beautiful creative packaging.

Elegant Touch - Softly warm and fresh
Romance Blossom - Chic & Elegant
Tropical Mystery - Reminiscent of a sunny beach
Luscious Gem - Luxurious & extravagant

Charismatic and cosy, our Charisma candles will brighten your home and delight your senses. Each of our charming candles is infused with a blend of natural fruit and florals and will bring comfort and joy to your home

Limited Edition

Discover a feeling of excitement when you find the perfect candle to freshen up your home, and a scent that becomes your favourite hug.
Our Limited Edition candles are inspired by natural elements that brings you joy.

Every candle is a magic as we blend pure fragrant compounds with our unique handmade design to create a warm and inviting ambience that inspires you, your family and friends to relax and enjoy each moment with aroma that reminds us of loved ones, fun times, favourite places and make things just a little bit more special.

Bring an enchanting inspiration to your home - from the warmth and freedom that accompanies long summer days to cosy chilly nights snuggled under a blanket.

Mountain Dream - Crisp citrus & Dreamy florals
Oriental Delight - Aromas of spice
Eternal Desire - Exotic & Fresh
Magic Velvet - A magical softness and harmony

Our candles are inspired from an array of natural elements that bring you joy, from the warmth and freedom that accompanies long summer days to cosy chilly winter nights snuggled under a blanket

Warmth and allure: our home fragrance candles

We made commitments when we started Sussex Special:

  • Every scent we create is distinctive and memorable, just as we only want scents in our own home that are full of character, so those are the only fragrances that make it into our candles, and into your home.
  • All our candles are handcrafted in small batches with precise attention to detail. We test all of our candles and we will not sell you something that we wouldn't burn in our own house.
  • Each candle is made from 100% pure natural soy wax, with a cotton-paper wick. Our fragrance oils are free of parabens, sulphites and phthalates without any preservatives, colours or chemical binders.
  • We create our candles in the heart of Sussex, England.
    The materials we are using are ethically sourced by local British suppliers.
    All candles are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, plastic-free and in fully recyclable packaging.
  • We want every customer to be completely happy with our candles. If you are not, you can simply return your candle for a full refund.